Shisui's story

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Shisui (opens in a new tab) is an Ethereum portal client written in Go language. The name is inspired by Uchiha Shisui from the anime Naruto, who is renowned as "Shisui of the Body Flicker".

When I was learning about data availability, I saw the portal network protocol from the Ethereum website. Through the documents and videos on the portal network website, I further learned about the decentralized vision of the portal network. I thought it was great. At the same time, during my nearly ten years of open-source work, I have always hoped to build an open-source system that can be used by many people. When I found that there is currently no Go language version of the portal client, I decided to start building shisui. At the same time, Dr. Zhou Qi from EthStorage wanted to use the portal client in their web3:// protocol. They were also interested in implementing the portal client in the Go language, so we joined forces.

@thinkAfCod and I started to establish the optimization-java GitHub organization in April 2023. From then on, we started to create and maintain the consensus client and execution client of the Java version of OP Stack. I started to implement the portal wire protocol by referring to the portal network spec and trin, fluffy, and ultralight in October. At the same time, @thinkAfCod added discv5 support to the uTP library of our fork. In December, @fearlessfe joined the development of shisui. He quickly implemented storage and accumulator verification and completed the integration of hive.

In January this year, Dr. Zhou Qi expressed his commitment to giving us a small grant of 5,000 USD. Since then, we have established weekly meetings and formulated the first milestone, hoping to pass the hive history interop tests in February or March. I am very happy that when writing this blog, we have completely passed all these tests with trin and fluffy.

The members of the portal network team are very friendly, and I am very happy to participate in the development of the portal network. Though we passed the hive history interop tests, we still have a lot of development work to do. I hope we can complete the beacon network as soon as possible and continue to catch up with the state network. We're looking forward to it and enjoying it.

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