Progress Report for 2024 Q1

Piper Merriam,project

Portal Network has been in the research and development phase for a very long time. Sometimes it is difficult to measure our incremental progress. Today however is not that kind of day!

The Portal Network has been reliably storing and serving the "latest" (orange line) history data from the head of the chain for the past week. This means that our "bridge" infrastructure which is responsible for injecting data into the network is doing its job effectively and that the nodes that comprise the overall network are receiving and storing this data effectively.

Earlier this week our teams addressed a number of long standing issues in their clients which had been effecting the reliability and stability of the network. For many weeks each bug fixed resulted in uncovering another layer of bugs. This time however, we saw our clients begin to run smoothly and our monitoring infrastructure immediately started showing the results.

Our next big push is to finish out the History data set and get all of the historical data backfilled and injected into the network. I expect that over the coming few weeks we should see our monitoring infrastructure begin to show near 100% across the board which will mark the beginning of the first fully functional Portal network being online. This is a huge milestone for us.

Coming soon after will be our Beacon network which allows tracking of the Consensus layer chain and the State Network which will allow for arbitrary on-demand access to Ethereum's state data.

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